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Haskap Berry

Haskap Berry *Fresh 

Available June/July only.  Highest nutritional density. First fruit of the season. Berries are hand picked with care for highest quality. *Pre-order recommended due to limited 

fresh berry season.

1.15 kg flat $25

Haskap Berry *Frozen

Allows for year round storage of this immunity boosting berry. Add to smoothies, baking or grab a handful for a healthy snack. 

5.5kg bucket $144

Haskap is an amazing, cold hardy berry. Highest antioxidant levels of any fruit grown in northern climates.     
A delicious treat that bursts in your mouth with an intense sweet and tangy flavour.  Rich dark red colour of the berry flesh brings attention to specialty culinary dishes.

Read the nutritional studies on our Food + Medicine section.

Haskap Smash

*Haskap Berry Fruit Topping 

A unique fruit topping that is lightly sweetened with organic sugar cane. Allowing the authentic berry flavour to emanate in your mouth. Rich in colour and with a sweet tangy flavour it can be enjoyed in smoothies, as a savoury sauce or dessert topping. 

250ml glass jar $12

Gourmet Garlic
Garlic Cloves

French Rocambole is easy to peel and has a robust buttery heated flavour. An early season favourite.

Siberian a Marbled Purple Stripe is a gorgeous hardneck with big bulbs and medium heat.

Susan Delafield pink cloves wrapped in porcelain white skins should be on display. Big easy bulb with a snappy attitude on the palette.

Russian Red a  Marbled Purple Stripe is a culinary gardener's favourite. Beautiful thick skin with well balanced flavour. 

$15 lb

Gourmet garlic​ means this is not your usual supermarket monotony. Our diverse garlic varieties are grown in rich loamy-clay that capture all the goodness of healthy soil. 

Fresh local garlic can be stored year round for a delicious immunity booster. 

Read the nutritional studies on our Food + Medicine section.

Honey Apiary.jpg
Raw Honey

Raw Honey

Prepared by our bees who gather nectar and pollen from nearby clover fields and wild flowers. Long before that, in early spring, our hardworking honeybees are pollinating the Haskap Berry orchards.  Raw honey is cold strained and unpasteurized, which means it will naturally cream over time. This maintains the natural enzymes, pollen and nutrients. Enjoy honey as nature intended straight from the hive.

1 kg jar $18

500g jar $12

Raw honey is a natural sweetener but packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Raw honey can be stored for years as long as it's kept clean and dry.

Read the nutritional studies on our Food + Medicine section.

Cold Climate Equipment

We offer beekeeping equipment that is designed for ease of use and efficiency -  for the  honeybees and also the beekeeper. These are unique products for over-wintering colonies in cold climate regions. Beekeeping is very localized by nature and the equipment we offer has been developed alongside a local BC beekeeper who has over 50 years of accumulated experience and insight from working with bees  across the globe. 

*Nucs and full hives available seasonally

Local Bees

Honeybees are a special kind of livestock. They rely on us, the 'keeper of bees' to provide sound housing, quality food stores and medicinal treatment when required. 

We rely on honeybees to help
pollinate our Haskap berry orchards and vegetable garden. 

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