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Colour of Berries to Tell a Tale

Updated: Mar 24

Brightly coloured food is trying to tell you something....pick me!

Food highest in antioxidants often display a rich pigmentation of skin and flesh. There are different types of antioxidants and they all help heal and protect our body from free radical cell damage.

Our bodies are degenerating and regenerating just by living and breathing and eating.

When in balance - we are healthy and vibrant.

However, sometimes those nasty free radicals can get an upper hand, like from an over-exposure to toxins in our environment like plastic, smoke, and over processed foods. Notice how enticing the colourful Fruit Loops are made to emulate real food but we know these are highly processed and unhealthy.

When free radicals accumulate, our bodies succumb to diseases or simply don't function as well as they should.

Haskap berries are the first fresh fruit of the season available in North America. Richest berry grown in North America for vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

We all understand the importance of vitamins and minerals on our plates but when the experts start talking about the thousands of different phytonutrients like flavonoids and carotenoids our eyes start to glaze over and we get lost in the geeky details of it all.

What we know is that eating more berries, like Haskap, does boost antioxidants and protects us from inflammation and disease.

Let's look at one Phytonutrient in particular that is a big one in Haskap - Anthocyanin.

This water soluble nutrient is easily identified with the naked eye by the berries skin pigmentation.

Think blue, red, purple = Anthocyanin.

Haskap skin is dark blue and the inner flesh varies from red, purple to dark purple.

Watch a display of Haskap pigmentation when a piece of dried berry is dropped into a glass of water.

Traditionally, and especially recognized within Asian cultures, this deeply coloured berry is used as a medicinal remedy. Commonly referred to in Japan as the berry that supports long life and good vision. Our North American indigenous healers teach that red pigmented foods and herbs often point to cardiovascular support and blood healing attributes. Makes sense.

A well-balanced diet, which includes consuming antioxidants from whole colourful foods, is best.

Pick Haskap and live well!

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