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Bee Real Estate

Making space for bees to help save our food pollinators.

Biodiversity in mono cropping.

In my neighbourhood I've noticed an increase of large commercial barns and with this the once mixed grasses, red clover, alfalfa fields are being replaced with corn. Bees have no interest in corn or other wind pollinated plants. What will sustain the wild pollinators if this trend continues unchecked?

Here's one big idea being trialed in select English cereal crop fields to increase bee real estate and use wildflowers to attract a natural balance and lessen the pests that thrive on mono crops. The Guardian article 'Stripes of Wildflowers Across Farm Fields Could Cut Pesticide Spraying".

And in BC there's funding for bee forage seeds....

The Bee BC Program funds up to $5000 for bee forage seeding projects across British Columbia. Collaborate with beekeepers, educators, farmers or local groups to start a project this year. Funding is offered until the annual budget runs out. Call the IAF program manager to see how you can make it happen.

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