Farm Photo Album

Wolf Springs Farm under Mount Baldy

Haskap Ripened on Bush

Meet your farmers

Haskap Smash

haskap berry pie

Wolf Springs Farm

Planting haskap berries in field 4

Planting young haskap plugs

haskap berries harvest June July

Carma planting haskap berry plant plugs

Haskap cherry beer by Crannog Ales

taking a break with ducklings

Haskap Smash in the orchard

artisian flow duck pond

haskap field 1 and garlic patch

Hive health inspection

the pollinators

Custom Hive Package designed especially for cold climate honeybee apiaries.

Haskap Smash & Raw Honey

Garlic braid italian

a stroll down the drive to reflect on the day

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Wolf Springs Farm est. 2013

Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada

haskap berries harvest June July